High Power Omega LED Floodlight Compact Series- 12Vdc System


Factory, gym, dock, billboard, buildings, lawn, landscape project, car, boat, mobile and other places where floodlight and light decoration needed.



The Omega Series 20W floodlight Compact Series brigthness equal to 800W incandescent floodlight, but only consume 20W.

Omega LED series are environment friendly products newly launched by our company based on green technology intiative for green LED floodlight”.

Compact structure, beautiful appearance, heat and humid resistance and good airproof performance.

Quick start-up, high lighting efficiency, visually vivid, no flashes or harm to eyes and skin, operated safely.

Composed of powerful LED, 50,000 hours continuously working, life can be more than 10 years, there is no need to replace light source.

Die-cast Aluminum housing; the driver chamber and light source cavity are completely separated; the heat from LED will be removed through outer heat wings by air cross-ventilation to ensure life of LED and power supply.

Installation angle is adjustable within 225 deg, easy installation.

Ultra-white wove tempered glass ensures high light emitting efficiency, no flashes.

No pollution, high stability, real green environment friendly lighting.

Require a small solar panel (40W to 80W) to power the Omega series floodlight.




  • Item #: 20WOFLC12V

20 Watt High Power Omega LED Floodlight Compact - 12Vdc System

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