24Vdc Timer (17 events per day and program for 7 days)
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The 24VDC Timer turns on alarm systems, VCRs, lighting, etc. in a regular and systematic way without having to think about it.  This is a highly reliable programmer.  Easy to set up using the liquid crystal screen where the time, programmes, status (on/off) as well as the mode (automatic or override) are displayed. 17 different programmes over 7 days are possible, accurate to the nearest minute (the programmes are saved because there is a lithium battery).  The 24VDC Timer can switch up to 2200W.  Fixing on DIN rail in consumer unit.


•DIN Rail Installation, advanced pre-setting one week before, digital electronics general purpose time switch daily and programs, repeat programs with 16 on/off setting, 18 times pulse programs, and setting on/off manually, auto time error correction +- 30 sec, weekly.
•LED indicator light, week and time resettable, LCD digital display, 6 function keys.
•The program timer can automatically switch on and switch off various kinds of electric equipment according to fixed time.
•Used widely to control the lamp, water heater, sprayer, bottler, preheater, agriculture facilities, broadcasting equipment,home appliance, etc.


Working temperature: -20C to 55C
Operating voltage: 24VDC
Display device: LCD display
Time range: 1 to 168 hours
Internal battery: 1.2V 40Ma (rechargeable batteries)
Number of timing: 17 times switch (day/week)
Dimensions: 86.5 by 36 by 65.5 mm
Net weight: 120 g


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24Vdc Timer (17 events per day and program for 7 days)

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