40W Solar Power Do It Yourself Professional Kit
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The Solar Power DIY Professional Kit is designed specifically for engineer, solar hobbies, graduate and educator who understood the basic of solar energy and looking forward to excel further. To make things even better, we include all kind solar power applications: from CFL light to T5 fluorescent tube, from solar fan to water pump, 12Vdc system to 220VAC, digital multimeter to inverter and so on.


This is the ultimate tool kit for universities and professional instituties to train the next generation solar engineers.


The professional solar DIY kit includes:

1) 40 Watt Solar Panel

2) PWM Solar Charger Controller -10A (up to 120Wp solar array)

3) 26 Amp-hour 12V Seal lead Acid (SLA) Battery with AGM technology

4) Two 15 Watt 12V Compact Fluorescent Lamps with Holders

5) Two 14 Watt 12V T5 Fluorescent Tubes and Light Holders

6) 15 Watt 12V Fan with 8" Fan

7) 12-24V Brushless Water Pump

8) 500 Watt 240VAC Inverter

9) Branded Digital Multimeter with Temperature Probe

10) Conjunction Box and Accessories

11) Outdoor cable & battery wire, switcher, connector & etc.

12) Solar Panel Mounting Kit


Prerequisite: Engineer or Graduate Engineer, Educator (Engineering), Lecturer (Engineering), or master solar power hobbies.



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40W Solar Power Do It Yourself Professional Kit

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