5050 LED Strip Light Connector - 10 Units Snap On Connector
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Forget about soldering LED Strip for good.  With Solar Light Mart’s Snap on LED Strip connector, you can easily connect 2 sections of single color 10mm LED Strip together.  This connector is very easy to use.  Just click open the 2 flaps, remove the double sided protection paper from the strip, insert and lite!



Very handy for splicing our 2-conductor monochrome LED strip lighting together, strip-to-strip. Typically, this is used for making LED strips holding together: cut the strip on the cut line, splice the ribbon electrically with this jumper and bend the wires 90 degrees (or whatever angle you require,) and keep going with the LED strip. Gently pull the black slider unit away from the white. It will slide out only about a millimeter. Gently slide the ribbon into the connector and then slide the black slider into the white connector body and you'll feel the connector grab the ribbon.  It won't make an audible click, but it will feel like it clicks into place. Note that if the backing protecting the adhesive on the back of the ribbon has been removed, the ribbon will be a little thinner than usual, and the connector may not hold the ribbon.  If that is the case, or if the connector won't grab the ribbon for any reason, just put a small piece of masking or other tape on the back of the ribbon to make it thicker so the connector can hold it.  Do not put the tape on the top of the ribbon or the connector won't connect electrically.




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5050 LED Strip Light Connector - 10 Units Snap On Connector

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