5W LED E27 Light Bulb -12VDC, 350 Lumen
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The 5W LED E27 Light Bulb (12VDC) is an increasingly popular replacing CFL light bulbs for good.  Recently, lighting designers have begun to specify such LED luminaires for high-end new construction. 

The E27 base LED light bulb offers easy replacment and mounting.  Comes in 5 Watt 12VDC system which prefect for solar power applications.  Features state of the art electronic circuit (without LED driver) which operates without flicker and more durable.   Design for 50,000 hours of usage. 

General light distribution.  Formed aluminuim body with painted white or silver finish, non-yellowing clear impact-resistant acrylic diffuser and multiple electrical knockouts.  Mounting hardware E27 base included.  With a day white output of 350 lumen per LED light, which is the most energy efficient lighting in the market and prefect for solar power applications. 



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5W LED E27 Light Bulb -12VDC, 350 Lumen

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