Aquarium LED Grow Light - 1.2 Meter
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There are a number of reasons why LEDs are proving popular as grow lights, but to properly understand these its helpful to first recap the qualities that are most desirable in a grow light, and also to examine the characteristics intrinsic to LEDs. Its also worth understanding why there has been more heat than light generated around this subject, with some folk adamantly claiming that LED grow lights dont really work and others insisting instead that they do in fact work very well. Both sides are right; theyre just comparing apples with oranges, in other words not talking about the same products, as will become apparent.

Quality LED grow lights such as the well known Grow Light (reckoned to be one of the best on the market) are realistically priced, save a fortune in running costs and completely live up to their performance claims.

The purpose of a grow light is evident in the name itself to help plants grow. Usually the intention is to be able to grow plants indoors (i.e. in the absence of sunlight) and/or to also better control the rate of growth, size and other characteristics. The advantage of an indoor growing environment is that you can very precisely control the factors crucial to plant growth and tailor them for specific types of plant. All plants require warmth, water and nutrients (absorbed from the soil or using ahydroponicsystem where the plant sits in nutrient rich water). But most crucially, they need light and, as we shall see, not just any old light either.

During the introduction of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) into the aquarium hobby, these light fixtures caused remarkable changes in the way hobbyists kept fish-only, reef and planted aquariums.  These spirally lights were far more efficient than incandescent bulbs, using up to 70 to 75 percent less energy.  They also put out more lumens per watt, and hand a significantly longer lifespan. A stronger light meant it was possible to grow specific plants that required high light without being burdened by a ridiculously high electric bill.

Yet despite the advantages of compact fluorescent lamps and their popularity in the aquarium market, they pale in comparison to a new lighting fixture that’s taking the world of aquarium keeping by storm.  LEDs are catching the eyes of many hobbyists, who are now switching to LEDs after their considerable drop in prices.

LEDs however, have been around in the aquarium market since the early 2000s. They were first marketed as “moon lights” because they looked like small blue bulbs on high output lighting systems.  They were designed to give out only a little light in the blue spectrum, simulating the effect of the moon’s light at night (hence the name), which in turn stimulated nocturnal flora and fauna to grow and spawn.

It wasn’t long after that LED light fixtures were developed to provide light to aquariums.  Metal halides were hot and used too much electricity, making LEDs the better overall alternative. Stronger lights meant higher heat output, which had a tremendous effect on algae growth, the bane of every aquarium keeper.  To mitigate this effect, expensive and bulky coolers had to be used to bring temperatures down, using even more electricity in the process.

LEDs are also advantageous because of their long lifespan, which means they don’t need replacing for the next decade or so.  CFLs, as they age, degrade in colour—a yellowish hue also promotes algae growth.

However, when it comes right down to it, the efficiency of LEDs is their biggest selling point. Using only a few watts of electricity in exchange for stronger lighting output, it’s no surprise why more and more aquarists


LED Aquarium light Feature

  • Use high efficient 1W LED as the light source.
  • The lamp applies heat conduction integration design for long service.
  • Environment-friendly: no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.


LED Aquarium light Application:

 Aquarium lighting, coral growing, fish tank,reef etc.



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Aquarium LED Grow Light - 1.2 Meter

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