Black CFL Light 12VDC, 20W - Attract Insect
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The 20W Black CFL Light 12VDC is an increasingly popular for attracting insert and trap insect for use to feed fish and fowl. Black light or UV fluorescent bulb is designed for use in "bug zapper" flying insect traps.  Insects are attracted to the UV light, which they are able to see, and are then electrocuted by the device.  These CFL bulbs use the same UV-A emitting phosphor blend as the filtered blacklight, but since they do not need to suppress visible light output, they do not use a purple filter material in the bulb. Plain glass blocks out less of the visible mercury emission spectrum, making them appear light blue-violet to the naked eye.  These lamps are referred to by the designation "blacklight" or "BL" in some North American lighting catalogs.  These types are not suitable for applications which require the low visible light output of "BLB" tubes[11] lamps.

Black light is a special tool for trapping insects used in fish production, you can save a lot of animal protein feed, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency. The wavelength of the light emitted by the black light of 365 nm, most insects such as moths, grasshoppers, mantis, mosquitoes, of a wavelength of 300 to 400 nm light is extremely sensitive, with strong phototaxis. Black light uses this principle to trap insects. Black light can be installed directly on attracting insects to feed the fish in the pond, can also be installed in the field, land, weeds will trap the insects collected as fish feed.


  • Can be used for attracting and collecting insects. For pisciculture and fowl run, it can save much cost of feed. Also it can be used in the farmland to attract and collect the pest which you can kill them or use to feed fish and fowl.
  • Can be used for authentication, e.g. security markings on currency & credit cards, certificates of authenticity on software packaging, as well as special inks used by security marking pens; non-destructive testing of materials and reading of otherwise illegible papyri and ancient manuscripts; analysing minerals and gems, and other detective work including authentication of various collectibles – materials may look the same under visible light, but fluoresce to different degrees under ultraviolet light.
  • Can be simply for lighting effects, such as in discos, theatres, clubs etc. The invisible UV light is reflected back in the visible spectrum by fluorescent materials and dyes.
  • Many uses in medicine and related fields both in distinguishing fluorescent conditions and in locating the precise boundaries of the condition; killing unwanted microorganisms; wastewater treatment applications; sterilizing microbiological contaminants from irradiated surfaces; break down of grease in air extraction & purification systems.
  • To observe fluorescence of substances and are used as an investigative tool at crime scene to locate and identifying body fluids and changes brought on by decomposition. 




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Black CFL Light 12VDC, 20W - Attract Insect

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