Brushless Pump for 12-24Vdc
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Our low volatge 12-24V DC replacement brushless pump, which is the biggest breakthrough since traditional solar diaphragm motor pump, and eliminates the timely repairs and replacements.  Design for reliable and maintenance-free brushless DC motor in brushless pump has no failure-prone carbon brush and shaft seal, ensuring robust long service life of solar pump.  No damage if impeller jams and extremely quiet operation thanks to the ceramic axis in brushless DC motor in solar brushless pump.

The lifted water height is up to 60" at 100 g/h, or 30" at 140 g/h, with adjustable variable flow rate, great for a garden waterfall or fountain feature.  It can be set up easily wherever desired without the need for batteries or wiring installation.   Perfect for creating a new fountain, waterfall anywhere in the pond, yard or patio.  The system includes 3 different fountain nozzles for different fountain shapes.

Replace your present electric power with this solar pump to make your fountain more environment-friendly, more portable and safer for your kids.

Note: Before buying this replacement solar brushless pump, please ensure that you have a 6 - 10W Solar Panel at hand.  If you don't have it,  please check out our solar panel section.



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Brushless Pump for 12-24Vdc

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