Hydroponic Aquaponic Net Pot 48mm
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Clone Collars which are small neoprene discs used to support your cuttings for true medium free growing. They fit perfectly in the top of the 43cm Net Pots supplied with the propagator and firmly keep your cuttings upright and stable while their roots begin to form. They can easily be removed from your cuttings once the time comes to transplant them into your main growing system

 Product Specifications:

  • Top grade clone collar
  • 40 units per pack
  • It's ideal for all hydropinc, aquaponic applications.
  • Efficient and popular grow media for Hydroponic & Aquaponic
  • These clone collars are for use with the 43mmm net pots which are compatible with our hydropnic systems.


  • Item #: FTM-CC-43MM
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Clone Collar 43mm Diameter - 40 Units Per Pack

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