Digital TDS Meter Tester With Calibration Solution
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The use of "TDS" (total dissolved solids) meters for analyzing the purity of fresh water has become widespread in recent years.  Many professionals use them to determine if tap water purification systems such as reverse osmosis (RO) or reverse osmosis/deionization (RO/DI) are working properly, or if deionizing resins need to be replaced.



  • Digital TDS Meter Tester Filter Water Quality Purity
  • Test the quality of various water ensuring you are enjoying the best quality water.
  • Ideal for using in the following situations: drinking water water filters hydroponics aquariums food & coffee pools & spas.
  • TDS range: 0-9990ppm /mg / L.
  • Resolution: 1ppm(0-999ppm),10ppm(1000-9990ppm)
  • Auto shut-off: 10minutes.
  • Data hold.
  • Auto temperature compensation.
  • Accuracy: ±2% full scale
  • Dimensions: 142 x 25 x 15 mm.
  • Battery: 2 x 1.5v button cell battery
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 40g
  • Package Weight: 51g
  • 1 x Calibration Solution


Package Content:

  • 1 x TDS Tester
  • 1 x instruction manual ( English)
  • 1 x Calibration Solution



  • Item #: FTMTDS02-SOL

Digital TDS Meter Tester With Calibration Solution

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