Digital Tachometer
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Measures the rotational speed with a visible red light beam from a powerful LED.  It is a great tool to measure the RPM of motors and machine parts.  In wood and metal working it can be used to accurately measure the speed of a lathe or milling machine.  Can be used for HVAC applications in measuring fan speed.  Detection distance up to few feet.  Highly accurate, digital laser photo tachometer.  To take the measurement, apply a reflective mark (included in package) onto the target object, aim the laser beam at the mark, the RPM displays on the LCD screen.  Powered by 3 AA Batteries.


Product Features:

- 5 digit large LCD display with backlight
- Linear surface speed measurement
- Measurement range: 0.5 - 19999 rpm; 0.05-1999.9 m/min; 0.2 - 6560ft/min
- Best resolution: 0.1 rpm; 0.01m/min; 0.1ft/min
- Accuracy: +/- 0.05% + 1 digit
- Memory: auto recording for MAX/MIN/LAST measurement data and 96 data storage.




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Digital Tachometer

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