Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Alarm Clock
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This Digital Thermometer is a wonderful assistant for you to get timely Temperature and Humidity.  Its design is also compact and convenient, and it can be put to stand as well as hold on the wall.  With it, you can enjoy a better and easier life.  With its large LCD screen, it can show you the Indoor temperature (min.or max.) and humidity (max.or min.) immediately. At the same time, it can display as two ways for easy usage: Centigrade to Fahrenheit.  And there is a stand on the back, which makes its putting easily. You can check the maximum or minimum termperature and humidity by pressing the MAX./MIN. switch.  The Thermometer's memory will show the maximum or minimum temperature humidity of the period from the last reset on the relative. 


Product Features:

  • Product Type:Digital LCD Indoor Clock Thermometer Hygrometer Humidity Meter.
  • Indoor Temperature Range: 0 ~50 Centigrade.
  • Display Resolution: 0.1 Centigrade; Accuracy: ±1 Centigrade.
  • Humidity Range: 10% RH~98% RH; Accuracy: ±5% RH.
  • Dimension: 74mm x 80mm x 24mm.
  • Weight: 75 g.



  • Item #: FTMK-005

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Alarm Clock

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