Digital Water Timer With LCD Display
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Never over water again or worry about turn on watering or not.  Simply program the digital water meter: one for cycle time and one for water time.  For example, watering twice a day, one on 7:00am and one on 6:00pm, and water 30 min each time.  Just setup set the timer to 12 hours and water time to 30 min at 7 am or 6 pm at first time.  It will automatically water same way every day after.  It will work with any type water device.  Very easy to install, simply screw 3/4" female inlet end of a timer to your water faucet and quick plug or screw 3/4" male outlet end to your garden hose.



  • LCD screen displays irrigation status and standard time from Monday to Sunday
  • Power by: 2 pieces battery AA Battery, last up to one year
  • Irrigation time: from one minute to maximum 9 hours and 59 minutes by 1 minute
  • Irrigation cycle: up to eight times per day.
  • Run Mode: weekly mode or monthly mode. Manual mode, semi-auto mode, and auto mode. Each day can be programmed into different watering schedule
  • Work pressure: 0-58 PSI
  • Work temperature: 0-40C
  • Completely waterproof, can use inside swimming pool
  • With procedure: Single/multiple procedure, routine, cycle, single day, many days
  • Easy to program and fit to common 1/2 or 3/4 water hose and quick connector. Make the watering or irrigation as they you want to.

SCO brand water timer are built with the latest technology available which has elevated the quality and longevity over previous versions.  As a result, we are proud to offer a full ONE year warranty.


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Digital Water Timer With LCD Display

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