Digital pH Meter With ATC & Temperature
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A high accuracy pen-type pH meter designed to test pH level of liquids in various industries and applications such as Hydroponics, Aquariums, Swimming Pools, Spas and Food processing and many others. pH level varies with temperature and affects the accuracy of reading results even the slightest change in temperature.  This meter has Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) that takes care of the effects of temperature in pH level, it automatically adjust the meter to the current temperature of the environment. pH value will be automatically adjusted in temperature between 0 - 50 °C (32 - 122 °F).



  • Waterproof, grade:1P65
  • Low power
  • 3 points automatic calibration
  • Low voltage indication
  • Data holding
  • Shows PH data and temperature data
  • PH measure range: 0-14PH, accuracy: +/- 0.01PH
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.5  °c
  • Working temperature :0-50  °c  / 32-122 °F
  • ATC default temperature: 25 celsius
  • Working humidity :0-80% RH
  • Calibration buffer value: 4.00-7.00-10.00


Package Content:

  • 1 x Digital Pen type pH meter
  • 1 x Mini Screwdriver
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Frosted White Plastic Carrying Case



  • Item #: FTMpHPH-01

Digital pH Meter With ATC & Temperature

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