Do it Yourself Solar Power Swiftlet Swallow Farm Kit
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After work with 500 swiftlet farms accross south asia, we had sucessfully designed (based on indutrsial best practise) a Do It Yourself (DIY) solar power kit for swiftlet farm onwers. Now they can save a great deal compare using gensets.  Includes all the parts to build your own system to solar powered audio system for swiftlet homing and echoing.  We also reserve some power for energizer (shocking owl), DC lights and humidifiers.

We've made it very easy to put together with complete instructions.


The DIY System includes:

1) 250 Watt Solar Panel with Super Solar Cell Technology

2) MPPT Solar Charger Controller (Up grade to 500Wp solar array)

3) 100 Amp-hour 12V Seal lead Acid (SLA) Battery with AGM technology

4) Theta 500W inverter for AC devices

5) 12Vdc Timer System for on and off function

6) Datalogger for monitoring solar power swiftlet farm

7) Desulfator for prolong and repair battery life

8) Power Management System

9) Solar cable & battery cable, switcher, connectors, connector spanner tool set & etc.


How's it work?

The careful sized solar panel received 4-5 hours per day of full sun, then the system would have:
15 amps (250W panel) X 5 hrs sun = 75 amp-hours/day
75 X 12V = 900 watt-hours per day.

If you were using our recomended amplifiers then you could on the audio system for 24+ hours with the energy you produced that day.

But you have a battery!  Since the battery holds 100 amp-hours or over 1,200 watt-hours of energy, you could on the two audio systems for 4-5 days before you need a charge, but it's better to charge it sooner.

The DIY kit will power two audio systems: one for homing outside walet house for 13 hours and one for inside walet house for 24 hours.  Hence, you can provide 2 different homing and echo to your walet house.

A specail designed 12Vdc timer to turn on and off the system for homing and echoing applications.

The charge controller prevents the 12V sealed lead-acid battery from over-charging.

Upgrade available for additonal solar panel, SLA battery, audio system and invertor.

With this DIY kit, you can retire your gensets and save your monthly fuel cost and the return of investment versus genset power is less than 6 months.



  • Grade A super solar cell with TUV and CE accredited Solar Panel
  • Reliable, robust and top of the range MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Datalogger technology and system
  • Special design outdoor cable for solar panel to charge controller
  • Branded SLA battery with AGM technology
  • Theta 500W Inverter (power AC devices like humidefier)
  • Desulfator and Power Mangement System

Why MPPT Controller?
MPPT solar charge controllers are relatively new to the solar energy industry.  These charge controllers are different than the traditional charge controllers in that they are more efficient and in many cases more feature rich.  MPPT charge controllers allow your solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, improving their performance by as much as 30%.  Traditional charge controllers reduce the efficiency of one part of your system in order to make it work with another. 


Why Datalogger and Power Management System?
Datalogger is designed to measure and display panel current, load current and battery voltage of your PV system as true values and status values like charging, overload, low voltage disconnect as symbols. Additional you can display several values of data logger of the past event (by min, hour, day, month, and year) as Ah, SOC, Battery voltage (morning, evening).

This provides you more detailed information of your PV system.

With the right tool, you can better manage your solar energy usage to prevent unnecessary power down.  Information is the key of success in solar power swiftlet farm.


Why Desulfactor?

As most batteries are idle longer than they're charged, the batteries are left discharging for longer periods of time than when they are charged.

Charging: 2PbSO4 + 2H20 → Pb + PbO2 + 2H2SO4

Discharging: Pb + PbO2 + 2H2SO4 → 2PbSO4 + 2H20

This causes water and lead sulfate (PbSO4) to form at a faster rate than it can be reconverted back to lead, lead dioxide and water. Lead sulfate that's left sitting, originally spongy, will eventually crystallize. Once in crystal form, the lead sulfated cannot be reconverted, even when the battery is being charged.  This causes a reduction in active material (the lead and lead dioxide) and surface area where chemical reaction takes place.  Eventually, the battery will no longer have the capability to supply enough power.  This process, also known as sulfation, is the main cause why batteries fail prematurely!

Our desulfator generates Amplitude Modulated Pulses (AMP) at the resonance frequency of the crystals to shatter the covalent bonds that hold it together.  This allows the lead sulfate to be reconverted once the battery is charged.  A battery free from lead sulfate crystals will have its life span stretched to its maximum!  No more premature failure due to sulfation!



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Do it Yourself Solar Power Swiftlet Swallow Farm Kit

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