Electric Live Fence Indicator for Malaysia
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The Electric Live Fence Indicator is a quick and easy solution for farmers and electric fence owners who want to know at a glance if there is power on their electric fence.  Simply by clipping the indicator onto the electric fence and placing the attached earth stake into the ground, the Live Fence Indicator uses the power from the fence to flash intermittently a red LED indicator light to show at a glance that there is sufficient power on the fence.  No batteries are required for operation.

The red LED light can be seen up to 100m away and has an amazing 1km viewing distance at night.


  • A warning device that tells you in a flash your electric fence is operating.
  • Voltage indication from a distance.
  • Highly visible LED flashes to indicate fence is working effectively. Is easily visible during day and night (up to 1km at night)
  • Quick and easy installation, simply place earth stake in the ground and clip onto fence wire or tape (up to 40mm width)
  • For instant reassurance that your fence is working, place permanently on your fence line and simply look for the flash when you pass
  • Install at strategic locations for convenient visibility including driveways and near the home
  • Low voltage cut off so will not flash if the fence voltage is too low
  • Water and UV resistant for long life
  • No batteries required. Uses power from the fence

To build a successful electric fencing, you need to have handy tools such as voltmeter tester, fence alert devices, remote controller and so on. In this section, we made sure our customers are well equipped with.


  • Item #: FTM-ELFI

Electric Live Fence Indicator

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