Flexible USB LED Desk Lamp
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New Flexible USB LED Desk Lamp with USB charging, have adopted contracted Northern Europe design, have touch switch with adjustable brightness, can be rechargeable with the built in battery.

Product with soft lighting, can be uses for night lamp or leading lamp, The lamp pole made of good quality silica gel, enable 360 degree of rotation, you will satisfy the flexible asjusting, is the first choice for Household Desk Lamp or Leading Desk Lamp. 

Prefectly use in off grid and can be charged via solar panel or power bank.

Using Touch on & off power switch

Adjustable brightness, built in rechargeable battery for wireless application

Charge via USB or solar panel or power bank

Flexible and easy to carry for camping trip


  • Quality built up with ABS plastic
  • Rechargeable LED Lighting to ensure the convenient lighting
  • Touch sensor switch
  • Brilliant design with combination of simplicity and beauty;
  • Adjustable (body directions, tube angles and light directions)
  • Space-saving, suitable for home, office, etc.
  • Variety Display: Placed on the desk; hand hold, Keyboard Lighting; Reading
  • Use USB power supply or use the built-in battery power supply.
  • Power and charge via USB
  • Power Input: 5VDC
  • Product Size: 110mm(Dia.)  Tube Length:32cm
  • Brightness:  600LX
  • Weigth: 162.4g
  • Can be charged via USB Power Solar or Power Bank
  • With built in Rechargeable battery for wireless applications
  • Wireless, can be deployed anyway where direct sunlight is present



  • Item #: USB-FLDL
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Flexible USB LED Desk Lamp

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