HAKKO FX400 Smoke Absorber
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FA400 Hakko smoke absorber replaces Hakko model 493.  Compact design providing 2 way smoke absorbing either Vertical or Horizontal standing.

In the horizontal position the low profile reduces shadowing over work area allowing more working light.  Airflow is also increased in this position with smoke being absorbed onto an activated replaceable carbon filter.

An optional stand is available #C1568, this fully adjustable stand can be set to capture smoke from above work area plus freeing up bench space.
Plug into any 240V outlet, constructed from robust materials and ESD safe.

High performance fan.
2 position for smoke absorbing, Vertical or Horizontal
Air Velocity: Vertically 1m/s, Horizontally 2.6m/s
ESD safe
Low noise
Dimensions: 166(w) x212(h) x 113(d)mm

Where the old 493 was a simple fan & activated charcoal filter on a swivel mount, the new FA-400-04 works in a set horizontal or vertical orientation. When sitting face-down, a unique slot is exposed to move 2.6 times more air through the soldering zone, pulling the smoke away from you. The older design needed to be practically over your work-zone to function as well!

It's designed to use existing 493 filters and accessories, and filters up to 80% of the odors from the air. And it's quieter than the 493 too!

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HAKKO FX400 Smoke Absorber

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