HAKKO FX951 Soldering Iron Station
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The Hakko FX951 is a compact yet high performance soldering station.  Even when soldering lead-free solders the high performance allows lower operating temperatures.  The station features a programmable sleep mode of 0-29 minutes or auto-power shut off at 30 minutes.  The sleep mode reduces the tip temperature to approximately 200°C (400°F) after the programmed time (0-29 minutes).  The lower tip temperature will reduce oxidation of the tip and improve the tip performance.  When in sleep mode the tip will quickly return to temperature after the iron is removed from the holder.

The station uses the T15 series composite tip.  The composite tip is a soldering tip in which a heating element and sensor are integrated with ceramic.  Despite its highly compact design, the tip offers superior thermal response and greatly improved thermal recovery.


Brief Specifications:

  • Compact high-power thermally-controlled soldering iron
  • Standard model that ensures high thermal recovery needed for lead-free soldering
  • Supports the N2 system.
  • Power Consumption 75W 120 VAC
  • Temperature Range 200° - 450°C (400° - 840°F)
  • Temperature Stability ±5°C (±9°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy ±15°C (±27°F)

FM-2027 Soldering Handpiece Specifications:
• 70 W (24 V)
• Tip-to-Ground Resistance: <2 ohms
• Total Length (w/o cord): 7.4"
• Tip-to-Ground Potential: <2mV
• Cord Length: 4 ft.

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HAKKO FX951 Soldering Iron Station

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