Hakko 599B Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
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The Hakko 599B is a soldering iron tip cleaner that cleans your soldering iron tips without water. The 599B is made from coils of brass, which are softer than the tip plating yet harder than the oxidation that forms on the tip. The 599B is the ideal alternative to the traditional cold, wet sponge.  


Brief Specifications:

  • Cleans better than conventional sponges
  • No water required
  • Will not reduce the tip temperature
  • Does not cause premature wear of soldering iron tips
  • No contamination risk compared to conventional tip tinners

For more information, please see: HAKKO



  • Item #: SPM599B
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Hakko 599B Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

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