High Efficient Brushless Ceiling Fan for 12Vdc
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Looking for Direct Current Ceiling Fan? Look no more, our High Efficient Brushless Motor Ceiling Fan comes with three 12" blade and only consume 5 Watt of power.

A new generation high performance brushless motor, low power consumption, ultra quiet bass,  maximize wind output and quick start technology.

Product Features

  • Solar Power/battery Power -12Vdc
  • Brushless Fan Motor
  • Three 8" plastic fan blade (50cm diameter fan)
  • Consume only 5 Watt
  • The mose affordable DC ceiling fan ever!
  • Installs anywhere in minutes!
  • Metal ring in the base for you to hang the mini fan in ceiling or a stick which can support the fan
  • ON/Off switch with 10 foot plug in wire

Note: Before buying this high efficient Ceiling Fan , please ensure that you have a 10 - 20W Solar Panel at hand.  If you don't have it,  please check out our solar panel section.



  • Item #: HECF-12V

High Efficient Brushless Mini Ceiling Fan for 12Vdc

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