Sunforce 600W Wind Turbine with MPPT Controller Kit
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The Infiniti 300 has an external control that allows for a more robust implementation when used in higher, more permanent type applications. Typical applications utilize a more permanent tower structure greater than 30 feet in height requiring longer wire lengths between the wind turbine charger and batteries.

Solar Power Mart’s Infinite Series of small wind turbines provide battery charging capability in remote off-grid applications.  The Infiniti 300 is small, efficient, and operates in winds from 3 to 20 m/s.  The units are maintenance free, have only two moving parts and offer a three-year warranty.



House or remote cabin
Telecommunication tower
Monitoring station
Water pumping
Solar & wind hybrid system

The Infiniti 300 Turbines are compact but provide maximum power output with highly efficient blades, controller and alternator.

 Infiniti 300

In order to best harness wind energy, the Infiniti 300 Turbines maintain a steady charging current, effectively protecting the battery.

Inifiti 300 


Reliable Hystersis Braking allows the turbines to slow down in strong winds and shut down completely in winds over 20 m/s.

Infiniti 300


High Efficiency At Low Wind Power
Higher earnings at a lower wind speed.  Is this possible?  Yes, is the answer of this question.  Not the maximum power of a wind turbine is important for you as a customer but the earnings of the wind generator are.  Most time of the year the wind blows with an average wind speed of 4-5 m / s, that's why the new Infiniti 300 was optimized for these wind speeds.

Thanks to its modern blade design and the intelligent electronic the Infiniti 300 is already running at 3 m / s and loads the battery starting at 2.5 m / s.   The Infiniti 300 is extremely robust due to its carbon Fibreglass Blades.

At full battery the wind generator Infiniti 300 is braked automatically, which reduces the attrition extremely and makes the wind turbine extremely long lasting.  The easily mounting is made on a pipe with 48 mm outer diameter (eg 1 1 / 2 "water pipe).


Features of the Infiniti 300 wind generator

  • Integrated charge controller in the body of the wind turbine
  • Max. Output 420 watts (12V) 336 Watts (24V)
  • Commercially available 1 1 / 2 inch water pipe can be used as a pole
  • Easily installation and mounting
  • Storm protection by electronic brake-controlled
  • Use of gel and acid batteries are possible
  • Adjustable charging voltage
  • Automatic shutdown at full battery
  • Distributing ring customers, the cable cannot be twisted
  • Maintenance free
  • Microprocessor-based controller with MPPT controller
  • Generator housing out of aluminium
  • High-quality neodymium magnet brushless generator
  • Robust Carbon Fibreglass wind blades




  • Item #: INF300WT
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Infiniti 300W Wind Turbine

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