Infrared Thermometer
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Infrared thermometers are known as Infrared Laser Thermometers, IR Thermometers, or Non-Contact Thermometers which can make sure the temperature of objects from a distance.  These facilities measure ultrared energy given out by the object, then you can easily read the object's temperature from the display screen of the device.

Infrared thermometers have became an extremely popular devices for measuring the temperature of different objects which can not be measured by contact thermometers or where a fast response or simple convenience is required.  These products are very useful in various applications such as industrial process, HVAC, food preparation, maintenance,and kinds of other applications in which temperature needs to be measured.


Product Features:

Mini Infrared Thermometer DT-300 Red (Non-Contact)
Non-contact infrared thermometer
Safely, accurately and quickly measures the target objects
Widely used in refrigeration industry and families
Best measuring distance: 20mm- 130mm
Easy operation and convenient to use
Automatically turn off after 10 seconds when not used
Comes with a strap, convenient to carry
Low battery indication
Requires two AAA batteries
Temperature range: -50C to 300C (-58F to 572F)
Accuracy: ±2%
Resolution: 1%
Response time: ≤0.8 second
Emissivity: 0.95 fixed
Working environment: 10C to 40C
Relative humidity: 10% -90 RH
Storage temperature: -10C to 40C
Size: 75 x 50 x 23mm
Color: Red
Package Included:
1 x Infrared Thermometer




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Infrared Thermometer

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