LED Grow Light T8 Tube 15W
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LED Grow Light T8 Tube help growing your indoor plants! When you grow plants indoor, LED grow light is neccessary because it is easier to control and more energy efficient.  Built-in LED control driver with an input range of 85 -265VAC, suitable for many different countries.  LED product life cycle up to 50,000 hours, which is 3-5 times longer than high-pressure sodium lamp.


  • Size: 30 x 1200mm
  • Power: 15W (276 pcs LED)
  • Input voltage: AC85~265V
  • Lumens: 1350Lm
  • Input current: 0.05-0.1A
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Working  frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Color: Red/Blue
  • Working Temperature: -20~40°

Hydroponic, gardening, greenhouse lighting, clones, seedling, flower exhibition, common area planters - malls, lobbies, restaurants commercial buildings or anywhere that plants need more lighting.

Grow tips:
1. Given the LED grow light emits much less heat than other light source, plants will need less water, wait for your soil to dry a little bit before watering or at least make sure your plants really need to be watered.
2. Temperature is very important element in the photosynthesis process, for the same reason as the previsous point, maintain the ambient temperature between 20-30degree for normal plants growth.
3. With LED grow light, plants need fewer nutrients.
4. For better light penetration, it's preferable to light serveral small plants rather than a few large


LED grow lights, it is make of many kinds of LEDs, different LEDs has its special functions for the plants, for example, the red LED is good for the plants flowering and fruiting, the blue LED is good for the vegetative growth.


LED wavelength corresponding effect of plant growth:
280 ~ 315nm, on the morphology and physiological processes with minimal impact.
315 ~ 400nnm (purple), chlorophyll absorb less, impact photoperiod effect, prevent stem elongation.
400 ~ 520nm (blue), the proportion of chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption maximum, the greatest impact on photosynthesis
520 ~ 610nm (green light orange), pigment absorption rate is not high
 610 ~ 720nm (red or infrared), chlorophyll absorption is low, the photosynthesis and photoperiod effects have a significant impact on.
720 ~ 1000nm, absorption rate, stimulate cell extension, affect flowering and seed germination



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LED Grow Light T8 Tube 15W

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