LED Vegetative Grow Light - 1.2 Meter x 6 Unit Per Set
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LED Vegetative Grow Light help with your hydroponic! Hydroponic growing is a new way for growing the plants.  It is a no-soil way.   Just with the roots in the mineral nutrients.  It has brought the hope for the few plant soil people. They can grow the plants by yourself and for indoors.  At the same time, when you grow them for indoors, you can adjust their growing by some ways.  One of that is the growing light.  For many experienced, many indoors will be pleasure to choose the LED grow light.  It is easier to control and it is more efficient. 

LED grow lights, it is make of many kinds of LEDs, different LEDs has its special functions for the plants, for example, the red LED is good for the plants flowering and fruiting, the blue LED is good for the vegetative growth.


The LED Vegetative Grow Light come in a set of 6 units 1.2 meter long LED grow lights, which are designed for vegetables growing.



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LED Vegetative Grow Light - 1.2 Meter x 6 Unit Per Set

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