Multimeter Fault Finder for Electric Fence
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This electric fence multimeter is a must for all high voltage or low impedance electric fence systems.

Now you don't have to use the kids, the wife or the dog any longer to check if that fence is hot!


Voltage & Current Testing Together
Put the fence lead into slot and touch the brass rod.  Connect the ground wire to energizer’s earth
wire.   Then get the accurate reading of the current & voltage at the same time.
Indicates if your fence is electrified, and hot enough to keep animals secure!

  1. Checks energizers for proper output
  2. Checks fence lines for shorts
  3. Voltage: 0.2~15kv (peak)
  4. Current 1~50Amps (peak)
  5. Resolution 100v
  6. Battery (supplied) 9v pp3

Simple to Use!
Just stick the ground probe into the earth, and touch the fence probe onto the hot wire/energizer to get an instant reading.
Simple to Read!
This Digital multimeter has output voltage easily seen by the large Dig

To build a successful electric fencing, you need to have handy tools such as multimeter tester, fence alert devices, remote controller and so on. In this section, we made sure our customers are well equipped with.


  • Item #: FTM-MM

Multimeter Fault Finder for Electric Fence

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