Outdoor Low Voltage Cable by Meter 2.5mm Square
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Due to porpular demands on our high grade low voltage cable, we now sell the low voltage cable by 100 meter.

One of the most economical ways to make your home safer and to highlight architectural features and landscaping is to install low voltage outdoor lights or solar lighting.  Installing low voltage lighting or solar lighting is an easy project.  No special skills or tools are needed and most installation can be done in under an hour using only a screwdriver.  Low voltage systems are shockless and safe for use around children and pets.

Voltage drop has an important impact on LVL systems. Voltage drop occurs along the length of cable and lamps at the end of run dimmer at the beginning.  Voltage drop is a function of cable length, cable size, and total fixtures wattage.


Voltage drop can be minimized in several different ways:

  • Use heavier gauge cable
  • Shorten cable length or runs
  • Reduce wattage of each fixtures
  • Reduce total number of fixtures on a run
  • Cable is measured by gauge.  The lower gauge, the thicker cable and the more current it carries.


We carry top grade outdoor low voltage wire and can be used for:

  • Solar light cable
  • Low voltage pump cable
  • Low voltage fan cable
  • DC cable




  • Item #: LVC25mmSq100M

Outdoor Low Voltage Cable 100 Meter 2.5mm Square

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