Small D Cell Enegizer for garden & swiftlet farm
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The SCO Small D-Cell Powered Pet Fence Controller is ideal for protecting flower and vegetable gardens, shrubs, pools, swiftlet farm (against owl, snake, etc) and other areas from unwanted intrusion by your pets and small wild animals.

This energizer charger is powered for up to 2 months on 2 conventional D-cell batteries (not included). Simply string the non-insulated fence wire along existing or new posts, drive a grounding rod into the ground, connect it to the energizer charger and turn it on. Your "forbidden area" (up to one mile) is now protected from intrusion and damage from your pets and other animals. When the pet/animal contacts the boundary wire, it receives a mild, but memorable shock that makes it want to stay away.



  • No AC power required so perfect for those areas without power accessibility
  • Operates for up to two months on two D-Cell batteries
  • On/off switch for your convenience
  • Indicator light to show when the fence is working
  • Limited one-year warranty (does not cover storm damage)
  • Easy installation using existing posts or optional fence accessory kit
  • Range of up to one-mile of wire
  • Made in USA
  • Come with 1 year warranty from SCO

Small Battery Energizer

The energizer is ease to install and operate.

Keep Intruder Out!

Special designed for swiftlet farming and effective to keep intruders out!


  • Item #: FTM250119

Small Battery Energizer - D Cell Battery

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