Smart Tag Power Adaptor
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Are you sick of Smart Tag low on battery everytime passing the toll booth?  Worry no more with this green product, the Smart Tag Power Adaptor for Smart Tag.  Just plug in your cigarette ligther plug and convert your car battery to power the Smart Tag.  You also no longer require the 9V battery from your Smart Tag.  By doing so, you have make the environment greener with less battery.  It's s also save money in the long run.


Break the tab indicated (refer to picture) with a pen / key or pliers to make way for the cable from the power adaptor.

 The tab is made of very thin plastic, handle with care while breaking the tab.

Remove the 9V battery from the Smart Tag. Fix the 9V connector from the power adaptor to the Smart Tag 9V connector, just like installing a new battery.

Pull out the cigarette lighter to allow the power adaptor to be inserted in the cigarette lighter port.



  • Material: Plastic (Black)
  • Power Supply Car Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • Input Voltage: 12~24V
  • Output Voltage: 9V
  • Output Current: 500 mA
  • Features Cable Length: 1.5 m


  • Item #: SMARTTAG-ADP

Smart Tag Power Adaptor

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