Solar Connector Crimping Tool - MC4
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SPM Solar Connector Crimping Tool is High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps; 1.2 metric tons pressure at crimping face, with minimal hand effort; Interchangeable high-precision crimping die set; Built with top German quality.


  • Hardened and durable steel construction for years of reliable services
  • The design of accurate crimping moulds and complete locking ensure high of crimping quality when crimping repeatedly.
  • High transmission of force to reduce the working fatigue according to lever control.
  • Portable style with perfect handle gripping position,light weight, logical sructure and perfect handle shape design matching human being engineering principle,it guarantees perfect crimping effect.
  • It's easy to operate while using pliers,just insert the top into its position and press it.
  • Self locking and releasing mechanic unit.

Tool Parameters:
Capacity: 2.5-6mm2
AWG: 26-10AWG
Length: 220mm
Weight: 0.75Kg 




  • Item #: SPM2645B

Solar Connector Crimping Tool

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