Solar Guardian 480X Security Flood Light
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The most powerful solar security flood light (600+ lumen) in the market!  The Solar Guardian 480X Security Flood Light with intelligent PIR Motion Sensor, it is a wireless solar security flood light fixture with Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion sensor, outdoor security flood light with remote solar panel allows to place solar panel in direct sunlight.


Interested in adding a security lighting to your house without wiring?  We have the solution.  Simply attach the Guardian 480X where you want it, then put the panel in a place most likely to receive the most sunlight.  This fixture turns on automatically when movement is noticed.  Its made of durable plastic to withstand sun and rain.  Its made with 64 CREE High Power White LEDs (600 lumen output). 

The unit comes pre-assembled with a pre-charged Lithium battery (designed for long life).  Interlligent PIR motion detector triggers outdoor lighting to turn on from 30 feet away,  the flood light stays on from (20, 60 and 180 second depend on the setting) and a full charged can turn on 300 activation based on 20 second setting. 

Also the 16-foot cable allows placement of solar panel in direct sunlight.   A solar powered flood light is a portable light fixture composed of a High power LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.   Solar panel on top the flood light recharges the battery with sunlight.   Solar flood light recharge during the day.   

Solar Guardian 480X Flood Light with PIR Motion Sensor Features:

  • Maintenance Free - No Electrical Wiring Needed
  • Low Voltage Provides Safe Use & Installation
  • 64 CREE High Power LEDs (600 lumen)
  • 30ft Detection Range
  • Light Operation 300 activations (base on 20 second) with Full Charged
  • Infra Red PIR detection Module Fully Adjustable
  • Simple & Easy Install
  • Premium Robust Quality 
  • No worry of blackout and compromise of security
  • Great for walkways, driveways, garages, guardhouse and sheds


Technical Information:

  • Super efficient Polycrystalline solar panel
  • Power of solar panel: 2 Watt at full sun
  • Light source: High Power CREE LEDs
  • Type of battery: Recharagble long life Lithium battery (Replaceable)
  • Digital Passive infra red motion detector reconqnizes movement on a 110 degree horizontal sight
  • Built-in circuit to prevent over-charging
  • Motion sensor activates the flood light
  • Requires easy assembly and 5 minutes to install
  • Made with durable ABS plastic
  • Includes hardware for flush and ground mounting
  • No electricity bill to pay
  • Wireless, can be deployed anywhere direct sunlight is present

Standalone PIR sensor that are flexible in installation

Industrial grade solar panel with adjustable mounting kit

Simplify ON/OFF power switcher and timer setting

Multi-purposes U bracket for easy and quick mounting

New generation high power LED with reflector

Extention Solar Cable or Sensor Cable for Guardian 480X (optional & not included)


Included all the acessaries & mounting kits

Compact designed and extreme powerful 

  • Item #: SLM90600
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Solar Guardian 480X Security Flood Light

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