Soldering Pot - 150W
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Compact soldering pot is suitable for both lead and lead-free applications on small and medium sized connectors. Made of anti-erosion and heat resistant alloy materials.


Brief Specifications:

  • New design, more reliable and practical.
  • Using high quality stainless steel solder pot, with a high temperature, acid, abrasion resistance, non-stick tin, tin oxide surface less so; tin less, less power consumption, energy saving,  long life
  • Effective insulation technology to shorten the melting of tin time, improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption
  • New electronic thermostat circuit design, the working temperature from 200-450.
  • Power: 150 Watt
  • Input vlotage: 240V
  • Temperature: 200-450 centigrate
  • Melting Time: 5-15min
  • Capacity: 500g
  • Pot Diameter: 50mm


  • Item #: SPMST21C
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Soldering Pot - 150W

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