Dimmer 12VDC - Analog
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Our universal single color LED dimmer.  Can dim any 12VDC LED product from 0%-100% using a Pulse Width Modulation(PWM) circuit knob control.  Has screw terminal connect for power in and out connections and has a maximum load of 8 Amps.



Technical Specification

  • 0-100% brighness adjustment knob stepless dimming.
  • 256 gray scale, mild stable lighting, no flicker.
  • PWM digital dimming, eliminate current surges, so that LED to chieve a better life.
  • Constant current constant voltage, exceeding the load range can be connected to the signal amplifier, an unlimited expansion of power.
  • The main cotrol monochromatic light dimming.


Safety Information:
1. Supply voltage of this product is 12 Volts DC, do not exceed.
2. Shorting output wires my cause damage to dimmer
3. Always observe proper polarity when connecting power and load
4. For indoor use only – this product is not waterproof or weatherproof

Showning below connection port, the ″IN″ connect DC12V Power, ″OUT″ connect light strip, where ″V+″ take positive  ″V-″ take negative.  Rotary light dimmer knob you can adjust the brightness, rotate counter-clockwise until the lights dimmed out, clockwise rotation of lights brighten.



  • Item #: SPMDM-12VDC

Universal Dimmer 12VDC

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