Watt Meter - Power Analyzer
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  • Power Analyzer / Watt Meter

  • Features , the essential companion for any serious electric flight enthusiast.

  • The Power Analyzer features three must have functions for electric model set up

  • watt meter - measures  electric current up  to 100A & 60VDC

  • Battery checker displays voltage and capacity of your lipo battery and individual cell voltage

  • Balancer - intergrated self balancer equalises individual cell voltage to match the lowest cell

    voltage in the pack

  • this programe can drive any type of  r/c  servo to test with out radio and receiver using intergrated siginal generator



Watt Meter measures current, voltage, peak current (Amps), peak power (Watts), minimum voltage (Volts), power (Watts), energy (Watt-hours), charge (Amp-hours) and temperature, peak temperature values for you, in real-time, for the circuit in which you connect it.

Now you can stop wondering what's going on with your electronic devices and get answers that allow you to apply science to your solar wind, hydro power applications.  The precise measurements you collect will help you fine tune your system to get all the performance that you paid for.


With watt meter function, it is now easy to determine things like:

  • Current through an ESC and motor
  • The temperature & peak temperatures of ESC, motor
  • Estimate battery's running time for system power applications
  • ESC, BEC and motor efficiencies
  • Charge put into and discharge from a battery
  • Presence of peak currents that can damage components
  • Presence of voltage sags that cause components to operate out of specification
  • Why power is lost during some unknow events or extreme conditions


Clever users will discover new applications to further improve your system performance.




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Watt Meter - Power Analyzer

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