Wood Post Insulator for Electric Fence
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New generation line insulator for permanent fencing with wooden post.  Good for polyrope, polywire and smooth wire. Its special design and special materials make it resistant to mechanical wear and efficient even when used with the most powerful energizers.  Excellent for use with low impedance energizers and high tensile wires.

Product Features

  • UV stabilised for long life
  • Spark guard prevents arcing and increased distance from wire to post reduces risk of leakage
  • Suitable for up to 4 mm (8 ga) wire, Poliwire or braid.
  • Strong and Durable
  • Large spark guards prevents arcing
  • Good distance from post to wire and nails prevent arcing
  • Can be fitted on wire under tension


To build a successful electric fencing, you need to have handy tools such as voltmeter tester, fence alert devices, remote controller and so on. In this section, we made sure our customers are well equipped with.


  • Item #: SPMPI83

Wood Post Insulator for Electric Fence

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