Omega Aquos Submersible Pond Floodlight - 20W
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Light up your water feature or well with this fully submersible outdoor well light.  It is designed with solar lighting systems and has a tempered glass lens with a wide-angle LED bulb that generates an impressive 90 lumens.  The Omega Aquos Submersible Pond Floodlight comes with a warm white illumination ideal for ponds and water features.  Easy to install with quick clip connector, the solar-powered weatherproof path lights withstand the elements for exceptional service and elegant splendor from one season to the next.



Solar Alpha Power Pack to power this light fixture.



  • Brighter and more efficient - provides energy savings over comparable 40W incandescent fixtures
  • 20W floodlight generates an impressive 90 lumen 
  • Adjustable light angle - Can be aimed 180 degrees up or down
  • Warm white LED color spotlight
  • Creates a nice accent glow in ponds
  • ABS plastic construction - Solid, long life construction
  • Reflector glass - Higher quality and better light dispersion
  • Safe and simple Do It Yourself solar lighting - No tools required
  • 1-Year OEM limited warranty


What could you power with a Solar Alpha Power Pack?
You could power up to 100W solar light fixtures: garden lights, spotlights, submersibe lights, bollards and many more choices.

Sizing a Solar Alpha Power Pack is relatively straight forward.  It must be large enough to handle the total amount of "W" you will be using at one time.  Start by listing all of the light fixtures that you use and their "W".   For example, if you will be using the Three units of 20W submersible spotlights at the same time you will be running four units 10W of Palm Island lights, you will need a 100 Watts Solar Alpha Power Pack that can handle at least 100 watts (20W x 3) + (10W x 4) = 100W. 

The Omega Series lighting fixtures are extremely bright and direct replacement for traditional grid power (TNB/SESCO/SESB) lighting.  It is fully solar powered and designed to light up the whole night.

Please watch below video for more information:  


  • Item #: OS22609
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Omega Aquos Submersible Pond Floodlight - 20W

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