Potato Grow Bag - Fancy Red
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Grow Bag/Planter, available from Farm Tech Mart at a discounted price. A simple and cost effective method for producing home grown potatoes. Product characteristics at a glance: Tough woven plastic bag-planter, suitable for growing... more




Step 1 
Fill Potato bag with Supergrow compost. Place five tubers into compost in a bright frost free location.

Step 2 
As tubers start to grow and produce green shoots, add in more Supergrow compost.

Step 3
Water and add in One Liquid feed. This bag will produce up to 2 stone of great tasting home grown potatoes. So simple yet so rewarding!


Product Specifications:

  • 180g/m2 PE woven
  • Round planter with handle and velcro
  • 4 Aluminum drainage holes at bottom and at the side
  • Size: 35cm(D) × 45cm(H)
  • Tough woven plastic bag-planter, suitable for growing all varieties of potato
  • Simple to use
  • Unique design to allow easy access to the potato crop
  • Ideal for small gardens and patios and balconies - use anywhere
  • Fully reusable, year after year



  • Item #: GB35D45HFANCYRED

Potato Grow Bag - Black

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