Sky Planter
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Defying gravity, our unique upside-down planter encourages abundant greenery at home and at work, without sacrificing floor space. The Sky Planter, with its innovative design, allows you to:

  • Save spaceLook up in any home, office or other indoor environment and the least used space will inevitably be the ceiling. What better place to grow an indoor garden without interrupting your day-to-day living.
  • Conserve waterPotted plants commonly lose water through evaporation and drainage. The Sky Planter’s unique reservoir feeds water gradually to the plant’s roots. Because there is no excess water to drain away, they can be used indoors, without losing water to evaporation.
  • Purify your airPlants emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and noxious chemicals. This purifies the air around us and increases well being, concentration and rest.
  • Improve your healthPlants have been proven to positively affect people’s physical and mental health. In the workplace, plants increase alertness and productivity and alleviate stress while studies show that most people prefer plants in their home.
  • Transform your view of natureLook up and enjoy the beauty of nature with a Sky Planter.


Beautify your home with the Sky Planter

The unique design to hang your plants

Easy add in water for the plants


  • Item #: FTM-SP

Sky Planter

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