Solar Alpha Power Pack 100W
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Our new innovative Solar Alpha Power Pack lineup has the right choices for your landscape lighting project requirements.  Whether you're just starting off or you're looking to simply upgrade, you're sure to find a solar power pack to suit your outdoor garden lighting needs.

The Solar Alpha Power Pack includes:
1) Advance Solar Panel

2) Intelligent dual timers function

3) Plug & play system

4) Industrial grade battery box for solar components

5) Outdoor cable & battery wire, solar MCB switcher, connector & etc.


What could you power?
You could power up to 100W solar light fixtures: garden lights, spotlights, submersibe lights, bollards and many more choices.

Sizing a Solar Alpha Power Pack is relatively straight forward.  It must be large enough to handle the total amount of "W" you will be using at one time.  Start by listing all of the light fixtures that you use and their "W".   For example, if you will be using the Three units of 20W submersible spotlights at the same time you will be running four units 10W of Palm Island lights, you will need a 100 Watts Solar Alpha Power Pack that can handle at least 100 watts (20W x 3) + (10W x 4) = 100W. 


The Omega Series lighting fixtures are extremely bright and direct replacement for traditional grid power (TNB/SESCO/SESB) lighting.  It is fully solar powered and designed to light up the whole night.

Please watch below video for more information:  


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Solar Alpha Power Pack 100W

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